There’s a lot of articles written about how expensive it is to have a baby, mainly because that is true, but here is a clever way to cut down on some of that cost during the early months that I picked up whilst chatting with a new mum in a maternity ward about the cost of nappies recently.  She was saying that she had decided to replace the traditional baby shower with a ‘nappy shower’.

She put a variety of nappy sizes into a hat and all of her invited friends and family picked one out. They then simply bought a pack of nappies in the relevant size along to the party as their gift.  She ended up with enough nappies for her baby’s first six months plus her baby shower guests could be completely sure that they were getting her a gift that she would really value.

There are so many lovely, pretty baby gifts that you can buy for new arrivals but sometime the practical ideas are worth considering too.